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Now in our tenth decade, I-House continues to welcome students and scholars from around the world. Our historic building serves as a beautiful home and cultural center where lifelong friendships are established, leadership skills are cultivated, and intercultural respect and understanding is fostered each and every day.

Why Your Gift Matters

As we witness the reemergence of international conflicts and face an uncertain future across the globe, we need your help more than ever in our efforts to preserve peace in our interconnected world.

Your gift today can be designated to:

•The Fund for I-House to address the most urgent needs at I-House today.

•The I-House Scholarship Fund to provide room-and-board scholarships to students and scholars.

•The Architectural Heritage Fund to restore, preserve, and improve the historic I-House building.

•The Intercultural Programs Fund to support activities and events designed to foster intercultural understanding, friendships and leadership skills.

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Thanks To Our Recent Donors!